In the Shadow of Ares by Thomas L. James and Carl C. Carlsson

In the Shadow of Ares by Thomas L. James and Carl C. Carlsson

The first Lightmonthly Read hosted by Prometheus Unbound has begun!

For the month of May we will be reading and discussing,

In the Shadow of Ares (Kindle, Nook) — This young-adult first novel by Thomas L. James and Carl C. Carlsson focuses on a Mars-born female teenager in a near-future, small civilization on Mars, where hardworking citizens are constantly and unjustly constrained by a growing, centralized authority whose excessive power has led to corruption and conflict.

It appears to be available only as an ebook, so there’s no need to worry about delivery times. You can download your copy today and start reading right away. If you don’t own a Kindle or a Nook, there are free Kindle and Nook reading apps available for almost all major platforms.1

Join us as we read and discuss In the Shadow of Ares.

You need not have voted on this month’s selection to join in the discussion, but you do need to be registered and logged in on this site to access the book club’s dedicated forums.

Nominations are now open for the book we will read next month (June). Head on over to the June 2012 Nominations thread in the book selection forum to put your choice in the running.

Deadline for nominations is Thursday, June 10th. Then voting will be open on the nominees until Sunday, June 20th, when the winner will be determined.

One last thing: We now have a special page dedicated to the Lightmonthly Read, where you’ll always find a reminder of the book we are currently reading, the book we will be reading next month or a link to the nomination/voting thread, links to the Lightmonthly Read forums, and an archive of past reads.

  1. Except desktop Linux, but the Windows Kindle app runs just fine in WINE. Or use the Kindle Cloud Reader

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