As this is an explicitly libertarian site, our political beliefs quite naturally color our news, reviews, and other content. Caveat lector (reader beware).

Affiliate Relationships

Throughout this site there are links to products and services sold by companies for which we are affiliates. In some cases, they are products and services we recommend; in others, they are simply products or services we are reviewing. In any case, we accept no legal responsibility for these products and services and offer no warranty for them.

There are simply too many affiliate links on this site to make it feasible to clearly designate each and every one of them as such.

See our Affiliate Links page for a list of the companies for which we are affiliates and some specific products and services we recommend.

Advertising and Sponsorships

Prometheus Unbound does accept paid advertising and sponsorships. We do our best to partner only with advertisers and sponsors whom we think offer quality products and services that will be of interest to our community.  To do otherwise would be to risk tarnishing the reputation of Prometheus Unbound and ourselves. And despite any advertising or sponsor relationships we take on, we will always strive for the highest standards of honesty and fairness in our news coverage and reviews. Our first commitments are to the truth and you.

As with our affiliate relationships, we accept no legal responsibility for the products and services sold by our advertisers and sponsors and offer no warranty for them.

No attempt will be made to clearly designate which advertisements are paid and which are not. We promise to do our best to keep any ads displayed on this site relevant and relatively unobtrusive. While we do not begrudge the use of ad blockers, if you use them you’ll be missing out and hindering our ability to serve both our advertisers and you.


Any revenue generated by affiliate relationships, advertising, sponsorships, and donations goes first toward covering expenses incurred in maintaining and improving this website and the content and services provided in connection with it.

Privacy Policy

With regard to our sponsors and affiliate and advertising sponsors, feel free to peruse our privacy policy.

Review Materials

From time to time we receive free copies of books to review. In the interests of full disclosure, we make all of these public. Acceptance of these free review copies does not influence our reviews, however, and is also not a guarantee that the book will even be reviewed at all.

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