Please consider donating if you find value in the work we do and want to help us keep bringing you new and better content. Donate any amount you like — whatever you think our work is worth to you. We appreciate any support you can give us.

There are several ways that you can securely donate money via your credit card or bank account to help support Prometheus Unbound. There are PayPal, Dwolla, and DreamHost buttons below and in the sidebar.

Contribute via PayPal

Better Yet, Contribute via Dwolla

Some people don’t like PayPal for various reasons, such as the freezing of WikiLeaks and other acounts. And with the role that debt played in the recent financial crisis, you may prefer a cash-only service like Dwolla that promises to revolutionize online and mobile banking and payments.

Donate with Dwolla

PayPal deducts 3% + 30¢ from every donation, whereas Dwolla charges nothing for transactions $10 and under and a mere 25¢ for any transaction over $10. So if you want to maximize the amount of money we receive from your donation, use Dwolla.

Contribute Directly Toward Our Web Hosting Bill

Hosting a website isn’t cheap, especially if it is a big website with forums and whatnot and one still wants it to load quickly.

You can earmark donations directly toward our web hosting bill. If we get enough support, we can upgrade to a virtual private server (VPS) or even a dedicated server (one can dream!) in order to serve you faster and more reliably.

Donate toward our web hosting bill!

The downside to this means of contribution, and again why we prefer Dwolla, is that DreamHost uses PayPal and together the two companies charge a 5% + 30¢ processing fee that gets deducted from any donations we receive before they are applied to our bill. But if it gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what your money is being used for, then please by all means send it directly to DreamHost.

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Donate toward our web hosting bill!

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