5-Star RatingAbsolutely loved it! A masterpiece!
4-Star RatingReally liked it. Any flaws were relatively minor and/or did not detract significantly from the work.
3-Star RatingLiked it. The work was not without significant flaws but overall enjoyable.
2-Star RatingDidn't like it. The work had some redeeming qualities but these were overwhelmed by its flaws.
1-Star RatingAbsolutely hated it! Shoot-me-now awful.

We’re tough critics here at Prometheus Unbound, some tougher than others (yeah, everyone’s looking at you, Matthew). We tend not to give out many five-star ratings in our reviews. Most creative works are not award-winning material or masterpieces, or do not touch us in just the right way, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You also won’t see many one-star reviews on this site. If something we’re reading or watching is that bad, we’re not likely to finish it in the first place. Hey, we live to serve, but there’s a limit to what even we can endure. We’re only superhuman after all.

Most of our reviews cluster in the two-to-four-star range, and we do use half-star increments.

All ratings represent the personal judgment of the individual reviewer.

So authors, let there be no wailing or gnashing of teeth if one of us gives your book “only” three stars. It means the reviewer liked it, probably even enough to recommend it.

We strive to provide constructive criticism in our reviews, explaining what we liked and didn’t like, what worked and what didn’t, both to help the creators in their future endeavors and to provide our readers with useful information.

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