We have ambitious plans for Prometheus Unbound.

We want to make it the go-to source to which both libertarians and nonlibertarians turn for a truly radical libertarian take on speculative fiction and the industries that produce it. We want it to becomethe community where those who value liberty come to hang out and discuss the fiction they love. We want it to become the hub where libertarian authors can hone their craft, develop their business acumen, and showcase their work. We want to bring you more timely and high-quality news, reviews, interviews, and more.

Here’s a list of our more specific goals:

  • Immediate: pay a professional to create a banner, favicon, and brand logo set for Prometheus Unbound.
  • Cover the cost of upgrading from shared hosting to a virtual private server (VPS), or even a dedicated server (one can dream!), to more quickly and reliably serve you and a larger audience pages full of great content.1
  • Cover the cost to the editor of shipping review materials to reviewers when he receives shipments that he needs to distribute.
  • Cover the cost of professional podcast hosting with Libsyn for fast and reliable downloads and other pro features.
  • Pay for targeted advertising spots on other libertarian, fan-run, and professional fiction websites, blogs, and podcasts.
  • Pay contributors and staff for their published submissions and editorial work, to encourage more and better content for you.2
  • Subsidize, or even cover, the cost of attending conventions to provide in-person news coverage; conduct interviews with important authors, publishers, editors, and agents; obtain review materials; publicize Prometheus Unbound; and spread the message of liberty.
  • Longer-term: fund our own award for the best libertarian fiction every year.
  • Even longer-term: expand to become a professional market for original short fiction,3 specializing in libertarian-themed stories.

Find out how you can help us achieve these goals.

  1. Sites on shared hosting have slower page load times and can struggle with high traffic. Prometheus-Unbound.org also struggles on the backend due to the load placed on our limited resources by the Simple:Press forums plugin. 

  2. Paying contributors and/or staff is one of the criteria for being considered a semiprozine rather than a fanzine. 

  3. By professional, we mean paying professional rates — currently a minimum of 5¢/word, according to the SFWA

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