One of Prometheus Unbound’s reasons for being is to help you decide what books, movies, and tv shows you want to read or watch, or don’t want to read or watch, as the case may be. We’re also in a position to try out and recommend, or warn you away from, other products and services related to fiction, writing, and designing, hosting, and running a website. Below you’ll find a list of the companies for which we are affiliates and whose products and services we recommend.

You can help support Prometheus Unbound simply by buying products and services you were already going to buy anyway, earning us a commission at no extra cost to yourself, by clicking through the affiliate links on our site, in our rss feeds, and in our email newsletter.

Books, Movies, TV Shows, and More from Amazon

Amazon is awesome. Not only has their Kindle Direct Publishing platform been a boon to indie authors and publishers, but Amazon provides a wide range of products and services at excellent prices with lightning fast shipping and great customer service.

Most of the product links, book covers, and movie posters you see on Prometheus Unbound are Amazon affiliate links, unless it’s something that isn’t available on Amazon (yet). Click through our affiliate links to, buy something, and Amazon will pay us a small commission. It doesn’t matter what you buy. You can click on a link for John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War (highly recommended, by the way) and end up buying a new pair of shoes. We’ll still get paid as long as you make your purchase within 24 hours of clicking on our affiliate link. So anytime you need to buy something from Amazon, please think of Prometheus Unbound.

We also have an Amazon Affiliate Store filled with curated books, movies, tv shows, and other forms of fiction and related nonfiction that we think is important or valuable from an Austro-Libertarian perspective for you to read or watch. Browse through it and see if anything catches your fancy. A widget in our sidebar randomly displays one item from the store every time you visit (you may need to turn off ad blocking in your browser to see it). If you’d like to suggest an addition to the store, contact us.

Literature and Latte’s Scrivener App for Mac and Windows

Not just another word processor, Scrivener is the best program for writers on the market. And it’s affordable too.

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Register and Host Your Site with DreamHost

Blogspot and are fine for hobbyists, but if you want to look like a professional you need a self-hosted WordPress site with your own branded domain.

DreamHost has served Prometheus Unbound and Geoffrey well for years. They offer good customer service, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, one or more free registrations, Google Apps support, and easy one-click installs of popular software like WordPress.

DreamHost Affiliate Banner

Click on the banner image above and open an account. DreamHost will pay us a generous commission. Use our personal promo code (PUWDH) to receive $10 off of a one-year contract or $20 off of a two-year contract (on top of the money you already save by paying up front for a year or more). The money you save by using this promo code is deducted from our commission, but we still both win.

Build Your Website with the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Thesis is a powerful, highly customizable, and SEO-optimized theme for self-hosted WordPress sites and blogs. Prometheus Unbound uses Thesis, and Geoffrey uses it for his own website as well as The Libertarian Standard.

Thesis Theme for WordPress

FYI, Thesis 2.0 should be coming out soon and it promises to be even awesomer.

Take Your Site to the Next Level with Pretty Link Pro

The Pretty Link plugin for WordPress is a fantastic tool. With it you can create short, easy-to-remember and convey urls that automatically redirect to your longer, uglier originals.

For example, you could create “” to redirect to the url for the current page, which is the rather unwieldy “”

Why use a third-party shortlink service when you can create your own branded shortlinks? The plugin comes with detailed hit tracking too. Maintain control of your brand and your links.

Shrink, Track, Share, Control ... Dominate

The free lite version of the plugin may be all you’ll ever need, but you can take your site or blog to the next level with the pro version. Auto-tweet your pretty links when you publish a post or page. Integrate click-tracking with Google Analytics. Use an alternate base url (e.g., instead of; so, using the previous example, And much more.

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We recommend Scrivener as the best content-generation tool for writers.