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Hosted by Geoffrey Allan Plauché and Matthew Bruce Alexander, the Prometheus Unbound Podcast is the audio counterpart of the Prometheus Unbound webzine, a libertarian review of speculative fiction and literature. It features news; commentary; interviews with your favorite authors, editors, and libertarian scholars; audio reviews; listener feedback; and special segments like Book of the Month, Today’s Tomorrows Writing Prompt, and Fiction Forecasts. Join us as we talk about books, movies, and television shows in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

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So far we’re publishing two to three episodes per month: one interview episode and one discussion episode, on the 10th and 25th of every month, respectively, plus the occasional bonus audio recording from our Lightmonthly Read Author Chats. But we have plans to move to a weekly schedule as our experience and production workflow improve and provided we get enough community participation in the form of listener feedback, guests, and audio reviews and articles.

Show Segments

  • Theme Discussion — Discussion episodes each month will be centered around a certain theme, such as libertarian speculative fiction, dystopian fiction, military science fiction, the singularity, banking in fiction, and so on.
  • Interviews — With your favorite authors, editors, publishers, agents, and leaders in the genre fiction, Austrian, libertarian, and science and technology communities. Our first interview will be with patent attorney and libertarian theorist Stephan Kinsella, known for his radical opposition to intellectual property.
  • Book of the Week/Month — In which we recommend a good work of speculative fiction from the Audible/Amazon catalog.
  • Today’s Tomorrows Writing Prompt — A brief “if this goes on” thought experiment: the hosts and guests take a current trend in society, explain its nature and causes, and then extrapolate to offer our speculations on what things might be like 10, 20, 50, 100, or more years down the road if it continues. Listeners are encouraged to craft their own original stories around the ideas generated.
  • Fiction Forecasts — The hosts and guests discuss books, movies, and tv shows coming up next month and make predictions, talk about what they’re looking forward to (or not) and why.
  • Feedback — Voicemail, email, and social network feedback from listeners that we read/play and respond to on the show.
  • Suggest more…

Help Us Plan and Produce Great Episodes

  • Are you interested in contributing or just listening?
  • What’s your preferred length? 30 minutes? One hour?
  • What kind of segments would you like to see? Back-and-forth between the hosts? Roundtable discussions? Interviews?
  • What topics would you most like us to cover? Space opera? Military SF? Sword & Sorcery? Dramatizing particular libertarian issues in fiction? Writing tips?
  • Whom would you like us to interview?
  • Would you be interested in live-streaming and recorded video of the podcast via Google+ Hangouts on Air and YouTube?

Send us feedback via our contact form or via voicemail by calling 225-257-9596 or using the widget below to have Google Voice call you:1

Episode List

Browse the archive, or go directly to the show notes for an episode:

The Libertarian Tradition Podcast with Jeff Riggenbach

Produced by Jeff Riggenbach and the Ludwig von Mises Institute, this podcast ran for 81 episodes from January 2010 to August 2011. It provides a highly biographical account of the intellectual history of the libertarian movement. We have curated the 13 episodes that cover libertarian sspeculative fiction.

  1. Pro Tip: For better audio quality, instead of calling in with your phone, call in via Skype or Google Voice/Talk on your computer with a good usb or xlr dynamic or condenser microphone. For the best audio quality, use such a microphone to record a message into recording software on your computer or a digital audio recorder, do a little post-production editing, and send us the wav or mp3 file as an attachment via our contact form

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