Assume the Physician by John Hunt

In the interest of full disclosure, here are the books we received in August. One of them is a self-published novel by John Hunt, whose serialized thriller published by Laissez Faire Books we are reviewing weekly. The others are from forward-thinking Angry Robot Books.

Angry Robot Army

I recently joined Angry Robot’s Robot Army program. It has the most reviewer-friendly system I’ve seen so far for distributing advance review copies (ARCs) of upcoming publications in multiple formats, arranging interviews with authors, and more. Reviewers are also rewarded with free copies of published books. [Update 10/01/12: Angry Robot switched to using NetGalley, which is not as convenient as the more informal proprietary system they had been using.]

You need to be a serious reviewer to be accepted into the Robot Army though. If you would like to receive free books and get early access to as-yet-unpublished books, consider submitting reviews to Prometheus Unbound. Publication on this site will give you the platform you need to join Angry Robot’s reviewer program without the hassle of having to set up your own website, build your own audience, and establish credibility all by yourself. Prometheus Unbound reviewers can also end up getting free books to review from other publishers and authors.

Books Received

Assume the Physician by John Hunt
Assume the Physician
John Hunt
The Hammer and the Blade by Paul S. Kemp
The Hammer and the Blade
Paul S. Kemp
Angry Robot Books
The Corpse-Rat King by Lee Battersby
The Corpse-Rat King
Lee Battersby
Angry Robot Books
Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher
Seven Wonders
Adam Christopher
Angry Robot Books
vN by Madeline Ashby
Madeline Ashby
Angry Robot Books

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